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Renzokuken (連続剣, Sequence Sword) - Unique Animations

One of my favorite things about Squall’s limit skill, Renzokuken, is that it has a set of pre-defined animations for the handful of bosses you fight with unusual body types. It creates some great cinematic flair to see Squall leap up onto Bahamut’s wing or onto X-ATM092’s back.

My favorite is probably the Jumbo Cactuar one. If you look closely, you’ll notice Squall’s movements are jerky and stilted, mimicking the Cactuar’s bizarre movements. Maybe the kid’s got a sense of humor after all.



On Super Smash Bros, Lucina has the Mark of Naga on her cape. This is true for all the alternate appearances except for two. The one modeled after Tharja’s color scheme was easy to see; it’s three Grima eyes, the same pattern on the tactician robe’s sleeves.


The one modeled after Tiki’s…

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